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If you haven’t heard the latest hype about Boe professional yet your mind is about to be blown. I have been a massive supporter of Boe Beauty & Boe Professional for a long time now. Not only are the products affordable but the quality is fantastic. I have compared some of the products I’m about to talk about against “high end” quality makeup. So if your budget is low but you still want to get good quality makeup, head down to your local Big W and get your hands on some now.

I started small with Boe, I tried and tested a lot of there 2$ range. I have many of the lipsticks, lip liners, eyeliners and nail polish. When I first started to do the makeup thing I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. I had not long given birth and was on maternity leave. The first few things I tried I absolutely loved, So I had to get more. I think over all of there entire range there was only one maybe two products I didn’t love.

Let’s first chat about the lipsticks. All the Boe Professional lipsticks are $8.95 and honestly amazing.

These are the matte lipsticks in the colours Vixen, Premiere & Wicked. The matte range was probably my favourite out of all the lipsticks, I compared this to my Velvet Teddy by MAC. I absolutely love the colour range and the staying power was incredible. No re-apply was needed for these baby’s.

Next we have the super shine. In the colours Toffee, Athena, Empress & Diva. I loved the colour range of these the most. Usually a shiny lipstick isn’t for me the the colours won for me in the end. These 4 have become my every day colours. The staying power isn’t as strong as the matte range with say eating I found I needed to reapply. But so soft and creamy which I love in a lipstick.

Now for the Colour last. In the colours Primped & Aphrodite. I found this range very similar to the matte range I also loved these the staying power was excellent as were the colour range. Both of these quality’s are my priority’s when it comes to finding a good lipstick. I’ll be heading to Big W to get me a few more of this range.

And lastly we have the 3D diamond finish. In the colours Shiraz, Venus & Allure. Surprising when I got these colours, They were not my go to colours. But when I tried them on for a video I made a while ago I was surprised  with how much I liked them. The texture wasn’t as nice for me with the glitter through the lipstick. I don’t tend to use these to often but when I’m looking for something different there first on the list.


Now for the face.

The translucent powder I was at first weary of as it had a shimmer type look to it. But once I used it you couldn’t see that effect once on the skin. I had such a problem with movement under my eyes and this has made the problem minimal for me now. And this product is only $9.95

Along side that the Pro Finish Primer is amazing. At only $7.95 Iv put my Youngblood mineral primer back in my draw and this is the one for me. I work in a bar and as a waitress and that gig is hard work sometimes, It can get very hot and sweaty. But when I return home at the end of the night my makeup hasn’t budged. You can’t ask for more than that when it comes to primer.

The concealer is so good. I used it for covering my spots and for under eye highlighting. It done a wonderful job at hiding my tired mummy brown bags. And every real person knows what I’m talking about there. Iv struggled finding a great concealer, and tried many techniques to hide my bags and some times it’s just not doable. This concealer made that easy. The tube looks like you will squeeze the concealer out of the tube but it’s on a wand making it so easy to apply. This is a crazy $6.95 which is an absolute bargain.

The foundation I thought was going to be to dark, I usually stick to light shades of foundation, but the medium ended up being perfect for me. It was definitely build-able without a cakey feeling and left the softest feeling on my skin with the finish. Perfect option of a cheaper drug store alternative for $12.95 as apposed to high end brands. It also didn’t oxidise at all which is fantastic.

Radiant face illuminator, This is the one product I haven’t fallen I love with. Iv not like many liquid highlighters and I love my highlight to really pop. And this didn’t do it for me. For those who love a subtle highlight tho this is the product for you. You’ll pick this up for $9.95


The new contour range I’m super excited about. I got to try these last year when I got invited to a VIP event are Boe HQ. I absolutely loved them then, with just test swatches. Now Iv used them and O M GEE.

The contour sticks are only $9.95 each they come in light(highlight) and dark(shadow). And give you such a natural sculpted look it is incredible. So easy to apply and they blended so well using a beauty blender. And I couldn’t help myself but use the powder on top of it. The two together was a match made in heaven. The powder contour kits are $12.95. The Highlight is to die for.

One of my other favourite things about the powder kit is the size. All my contour kits are huge and not good when travelling. This fits into your pocket so it’s perfect to carry around if you need to touch up during the day or going on holidays.


Brows! You have a variety to choose from. Who doesn’t love a good brow product. I think out of all my face I spend the most time on my brows, if they don’t look right none of it does. I have tried and tested the lot and I love them all.

It is all about the brows. This pencil was great, if I was heavy on the hand it would be a bit darker than blond which is great I love a pencil that can do that, It makes matching brow to pencil an easier process. The brush in the end is perfect nice and strong and not to big.

Precision Wind Up Brow Pencil. This was a lot more creamy than the first pencil, it reminded me of a lip liner. I prefer a creamy brow pencil I find them easier to work with on getting a more defined brow. This also worked well with a heavy hand if you wanted to get a darker colour. This is an affordable $9.95

Tinted Brow Gel for $9.95 this is a great starting product. you can use the brush to get your brows into shape once the gel sets it will hold there shape. You can also set them with a powder. I’m not big on these as I prefer the powder but all in all still a great product.

Pro Finish complete brow kit. This was so good, again can be Suited to blonds and light brown to dark hair with a heavy hand. This has a wax and powder to fill and set. The two together make a very sharp defined brow. This is only $12.95
The only think I lack in my brow collection is the eyebrows highlight pencil. I use many kinds of this and I look forward to getting my hands on one to add to my collection. This is my secret weapon when it comes to finishing a perfect brow.


Last but definitely not least we have the mascara’s. Glam Lash Ultra curl is so good, it lengthens, thickens and curls. I would put this up there to being just as good as benefit they’re real. And much more affordable at $7.95 and who doesn’t love the packaging pink cuteness which is necessary in ones makeup collection.

XXXtra Drama volumizing mascara, was also very good but I found it gave you more of a natural look compared to the glam lash, but with a couple of coats it gives you the length everyone strives to achieve when putting on mascara. You’ll pick this baby up even cheaper for $6.95

Boe Professional has so many more fantastic products like eye shadow and blush pallets, nail polish, foundation powders, lip liner’s and lip glosses you honestly need to get to your local Big W and check them out. I promise you that you will be impressed.

Thank you to Sammy from Boe who sent me these wonderful goodies and giving me the opportunity to try and test then write about. I’m so happy help get the word out there about these amazing affordable products that every girl needs in there collection.

For those who watch my videos there will be a Get Ready With Me using all Boe Professional products coming very soon. So if you would like to see it with your own eyes head over to my channel and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it.

Thanks for reading guys, if you have tried anything Boe Beauty or Boe Professional I would love to hear you thoughts in the comments.

Visit the Boe Professional Website here.

Visit Boe Professional Instagram here.


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