Dine With Heart – Sacred Heart Mission



I would like to talk to you all about something a little bit different today. Something very close to my heart. Which is why I couldn’t resist on the opportunity to write about this, In the hope to help raise awareness of this great cause.

Sacred Heart Mission is a non profit organisation, who work together with feeding the homeless in Melbourne an surrounding areas. They serve 400 free and nutritious meals a day to the homeless and disadvantaged.


As we all know cooking and feeding doesn’t come cheap to anyone. So they had to get creative with fundraising for this great cause.

This organisation started out back in 2014 as a three course dinner for 200 guests at Palais Theatre in Stkilda. It has since grown to a fundraising month where restaurants, cafe’s and bars across the city of Port Phillip and Melbourne’s CBD hold special events and encourage there patrons to dine with heart too.

There goal of raising $150,000 to keep this wonderful organisation going. During the month of may the participating restaurants will create unique fundraising events in house. Others encourage you too add a small donation to your bill. There are also participating restaurants that have created signature dishes for Dine With Heart. All of which are great ideas to helping this fantastic cause raise funds to keep the homeless with full tummy’s.

More than 60 venues are involved in this great cause. Check out the list below and see if any of your favourite restaurants are there. If not maybe its the perfect time to try something new >> Dine With Heart Participating Venues


I was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner at Radio Mexico Taqueria & Bar which is a participating venue for the sacred heart mission Dine With Heart. And what can I say, the food was absolutely fabulous. and that’s coming from a very picky eater who doesn’t like much Mexican food. but those store bought taco kits were not quite like anything available at radio mexico. I Strongly suggest stopping by Radio Mexico for dinner and maybe even a Tequila Tasting.


The Dine with heart runs the entire month of may. But it doesn’t end there. You are able to buy tickets to the Dine With Heart Dinner at St Ali on the 31st of May from 6-8pm. Tickets are $60 per person. if your interested in booking a ticket please visit >> Dine With Heart At St Ali If you are wanting to donate to The Sacred Heart Mission, you can do so by visiting there gofundraise page here. SacredHeartMission GoFundraise 

For More information on Sacred Heart Mission please visit >>Sacred Heart Mission Website


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