Rosehip Plus – Pure & Natural

Today I want to talk to you about the new Rosehip Plus products.


Rosehip Plus is an Australian owned family business, They are also Australian certified organic and cruelty free. Here is just a few reason’s to try these products.


I was lucky enough to score all 4 of there products in a goodie bag I received for attending a blogger event called Glamour Affair. I’m usually to broke to buy an entire range of products when it comes to skin care, So it was a no brainer when I found these in my goodie bag, that I was using all of them. and I’m glad I did. Using the combination of all these products made the huge difference to not only my routine but my skin.

One of my biggest problems is routine. I struggle finding the time and sticking to it. Which usually ends in a fail. So not only did I want to challenge my self with getting into a better routine. But I’ll also be able tell you about the benefits of using the entire range together.

Recently learning that the key to a flawless looking makeup isn’t just the make up products you use and how they are applied. The most important thing is hydration. So if your using a great combination of day and night creams, it makes your skin look so much better when you apply makeup giving you that flawless looking skin that we all crave.

There is 4 products in this range, Rosehip oil, Hydrating day cream, Nourishing night cream and rosehip oil skin boost. I used these products over the course of a month.

First lets talk about the Hydrating Day Cream.


This day cream is designed to maintain skin hydration and softness, improve the appearance of dry skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Some of the key ingredients are Chamomile, Avocado oil and Rose Geranium. The scent of the day cream was quite pleasant with the soothing smell of chamomile. A lot of other creams tend to make my skin break out, but this was a great combination for me. Although I cant really tell the difference with fine lines and wrinkles, my face is definitely softer than a baby’s bottom. You can use the Rosehip Plus Hydrating day cream as a primer too, I love a good cream that has multiple use’s.

Nourishing Night Cream.


The night cream is designed to maintain skin hydration and softness, improve fine lines and wrinkles, as well as promote skin elasticity. Some of the main ingredients are cocoa seed butter, Jojoba seed oil and shea butter. Now the smell if this one wasn’t to my liking but I pushed on and used it anyway and found I loved the way my skin felt no matter how bad it smelled. My skin was thanking me for it. This night cream is in a different style of packaging and had a pump bottle which I found better than the normal squeeze type bottle that the day cream came in.

Rosehip Oil.


This product is great and I think it is half the reason my skin feels the way it does. It’s also one of the main reasons using this range together is a benefit. You can add two drops of this to the day and night cream for optimum results. I wish I had tried it for a week without the oil then added the oil later to see the difference. Another great tip is adding two drops of this to your foundation for a natural dewy effect. It can also be used as a dewy highlight if you apply lightly to tops of your cheekbones and blend it out. It did have a very strange scent and I wasn’t a huge fan, but once it was mixed in with the other creams you couldn’t even notice it. You can also use the oil straight onto the skin and it can help reduce the appearance of stretchmark’s and scars, much like Bio Oil or Swiss Oil. But I found this didn’t take as long to soak into the skin (unlike Swiss oil, that took quite some time, which is frustrating in the middle of winter haha).

Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll-On.


This was the most exciting for me out of all the products. because lets face it, I’m not getting any younger. It helps reduce and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I was sold. I’m getting very bitter about my age and the skin around my eyes shows my age the most. So anything I can get to help with that area and I’m in! It has a roller ball applicator which made it extremely easy to use for the under eye area. And it had what felt like a cooling effect and I loved the way that felt. But be careful not to apply too much, or it can take some time to soak into the skin. My partner even liked to use this one as it was also great for scaring.

Overall I’m going to give Rosehip Plus an 8/10

So if you liked what I had to say about the Rosehip range, Or would like to know more information make sure pop past there website  or you can find them on Instagram Follow Rosehip Plus on Instagram

Thanks so much for reading.


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