Prenium Spa – Body Scrubs

Hey Guys,

I know its been such a long time since I have written a blog and I’m super sorry. So a small explanation is, Over the past few months I have been putting my main focus into my YouTube channel which has been an amazing journey so far. I have met so many wonderful people and I couldn’t be happier with my growth over the past year. So to all those supporting me, As none of this would be possible without you, Thank you.

In the last few weeks I got hit with the flu and so much more, I haven’t been able to film/upload for a few weeks. Now that I’m better time to get back into the swing of things, And go back to my roots and do some writing for some truly great brands I have had the pleasure of using over the past few months.

This flu that is going around at the moment is absolutely horrendous. I have been sick for about 3 weeks, starting with the common cold to gastro then to all sorts of infections. Not to mention all three kids have had it too, while my partner suffers along side us all with the man flu. Its not been fun.

One thing that’s been an absolute must when I’m feeling this horrible is taking that “Me” time, Filling up my bath, lighting some candles, reading a book while having a nice long bath.

The best things about that time for me is Premium spa. Its made my “Me” time so much more enjoyable and relaxing, And now its one of my favorite times of the week.


Lets talk about there scrub range. It is ahhhh-may-zing for your skin, not to mention how good it smells. There is three different scrubs. Lemon Butter with olive oil, Rosehip & Shea with Rosehip Oil, Frangipani & Coconut with Jojoba Oil.


My fav by far is the lemon butter scrub. Which is a salt scrub and better suited for Dry skin. I’m going to need a refill of this one quickly because I’m using it almost every day, And so is Jay. My dad is a massuse and he use to work at A Day Spa. The lemon butter scrub smells exactly like his work and each time I use it I get a reminder of what it would smell like. so while havaing my “Me” time I can close my eyes easily imgine that I’m in a day spa and not my own bathroom, With 3 kids just a foot away.

The rosehip & shea was defiantly the least favriout of all the scrubs. This one is better suited to those with sensitive skin. I wasnt a big fan of the scent but it left my skin feeling fantastically soft. It has the same texture as the lemon butter scrub with salt crystals which I love, And it works well to remove tanning products.

As you all know I’m not a fan of coconut. and I was very hesitant to give this scrub a go. But I sucked it up and chucked in the shower, boy was I impressed. This one was more a creamy texture with sugar crystals. My skin has never been more soft, and the scent is fantastic not to over powered by coconut and with the added sweet smell of the Frangipani. This scrub is better suted for normal to oily skin.


They also have some other amazing products that I was able to test while I was invited to an event at Vanilla Sugar HQ. like the SOS Moisture Balm which is also in the scent Frangipani and coconut. The SOS hand cream was great it smelled amazing with a gorgeous aroma of Ginger and Orange.

But the one thing im dying to try is the Face & body Mask which is a white clay mask. I think I have a slight addiction to face mask’s so its on the must have list.

All these combinations are fantastic and all have there own benefits for all skin types so there is one for everyone. Lets not forget affordable, you can pick these up at your local priceline for $14.95. there is so much more to Premium spa than just scrubs and i cannot wait to try more. Have you tried any of the Premium Spa Range? what did you think??

If you want to know more about the Premium Spa range you can visit there website you can also find them on facebook


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