Australis full on foundation stick & Bronzeyed Girl pallet review!

Hey my pretty’s today I wan’t to share some of my new fav go to things with you today.

First I’ll start with the Australis full on foundation stick. Those of you who have read my previous blogs or watched my latest YouTube video know I love a good foundations stick and although a little late on this review, but this is just AH-MA-ZING.  I Picked up these baby’s a few weeks ago at the Priceline 40% off sale.


I have freckles, redness, and bags under my eyes caused by my many minions keeping me up all hours.  This stuff is perfect for what I need under my powder, not to mention its a perfect fit also for my contour kit, As I bought 3 shades so I can slightly contour with the foundation also.


So if your like me and haven’t been able to get your your hands on a decent foundation stick since the Maxfactor pan stick then this is a must try!! It’s so smooth and creamy and it blends in so well to my skin. They don’t have a huge colour range in this products tho as I imagine it isn’t a very popular product but I do suspect it’s back on the rise and I think we will be seeing a lot more of the foundation sticks pop up in a lot more brands.


So I’m giving the Australis full on foundation stick an 8/10. Get on it.. Seriously



Next up is the Bronzeyed Girl Pallet.


I’m absolutely loving this pallet, it can be used day or night. And just recently I tried this on a friend, And while doing her make up, her reaction was “wow that’s so pretty, I never wear colours like this but I really like that”

This is my go to pallet atm granted I don’t get time to do my make up everyday due to my demanding minions. This pallet is exclusive to Big W so don’t rush to priceline when you find 20$ in your wallet like I was going too. And you  can pick it up for just $9.75

I found this pallet to be very buttery and felt amazing on my skin. High in pigmentation so you can blend to your perfect shade also shimmery so if you prefer that matte finish this pallet might not be for you.


I’m going to give this pallet a 9/10 I have always been a fan of browns and neutral colors definitely a good fit for me.


Well there you have it the Bronzeyed Girl and Full on Foundation stick. If you haven’t already got your hand on these baby’s make sure you do!

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