Hi, My name is Susie and I have a Subscription addiction!

hey guys, I just wanted to share some stuff with you today and possibly seek others out there like me who are completely addicted to Subscription boxes.

It started out small.

My First sub was BellaBox, which is a great little box. It’s only $15 which I barley notice it being taken from my bank, If it wasn’t for the email saying its been processed not sure I’d notice at all.

I have had some issues with this box. Missing items, receiving pantene for the 2nd month in a row. Which made a lot of people pissy, Me included as its a rubbish brand which anyone can pick up at the local supermarket. Why in the world they thought I needed to sample it two months in a row I’ll never understand. But In saying that, The BB team are more than happy to respond to emails pretty quickly, And try there best to fix any issues whilst trying to make me a happy customer once again. So I cant really complain about that.

They have offered me some extra samples to make up for that which is nice. Currently waiting for them to arrive and have already gotten my November Tracking info,  I might even give my First Vlog a go with an Un-boxing video as soon as my bella box is here. 😀

photo 10152162502931920


This was when tragedy hit.

I found a group on Facebook, and it opened my eyes to how many subscription boxes there really were. The only word to describe it is…. HOOKED.

There all such great ideas, I just subbed to $1 shave club for my hubby, who I think is secretly jelly of my boxes when they arrive so sharing the love. With this box I find is more convenient than going to a supermarket or milk bar for him which most men hate to do.



Came across a 70% off Deal for Lust Have it, which I couldn’t resist. so look forward to getting my first box, Just from comments I have seen not looking forward to how long it may take for it to arrive.

lusthaveit2 LHI3


I’m desperately trying to find a great excuse to Subscribe to Violet box, but living off the one wadge at the moment, So there is no excuse good enough.



The next Subscription box I’ll talk about is Beauty Gift, which I would love. Everything in it looks great to me, But like VB I have no excuse is good enough, This was there first box I believe and I would have loved it, Much better than Bella Box’s Birthday Month which was suppose to be the shit, but ended up just being Shit.



There are boxes for everything, And I mean EVERYTHING. For shits and giggles I recently subbed to Sinful sample box which is full of adult goodies.



The Aftermath

So in three short months I have signed up to 5 different sub boxes. Each day I find more, And I want more. I cant stop.

Hi, My name is Susie and I’m addicted to subscription boxes. HaHa

It has come quite easy to me because I have never been much of a shopper and with my transformations from tom boy to Lady, I’m getting things I wouldn’t ever buy so I still get the benefit of trying new things without having to waste endless hours at a beauty counter where I literally know nothing at all haha, And the biggest bonus is if I don’t like my items I can jump on Facebook to the Swap pages and swap them for the things I did want to receive.

Below I have created a small list of Sub Boxes some of my follower’s may be interested, Even got the Nerd-block Sub box for my fellow gaming nerds. 😀

Bellabox – https://bellabox.com.au/box/join#plans-women
Violet box – http://www.violetbox.com.au/monthly-subscription.html
Beauty gift – http://beautygift.com.au/beauty-gift-subscribe-now
Lust Have It – http://www.lusthaveit.com.au/index.php/lhi-store/subscriptions/monthly-beauty-box-subscription.html
Sinful samples – http://www.sinfulsamples.com.au/#!-sign-up-/cavc
Dollar shave club – https://au.dollarshaveclub.com/select-blade
The Parcel – http://www.theparcel.com.au/pages/sign-up (girlfriend and Marie Clare)
Her Fashion Box – http://www.herfashionbox.com/choose-your-style/
Lip Monthly – https://lipmonthly.com/join
Tiger Claw – https://gettigerclaw.com/product/subscription/
Love Lois – http://lovelois.com.au/regular-plans/
Nerd Block – https://www.nerdblock.com/subscribe/select_block
Loot Crate – https://www.lootcrate.com/join

Do you share this addiction with me? tell me your story in the comments below.

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Photos will be posted of the prize packs I have to give away this week.

Also a Thank you to those who I got pics off for this blog. much appreciated. also stole a few off the Facebook Group I’m in.


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