My Thoughts on Australis Ac On The Tour Contour & Highlighting kit.

Hey guys,

I Wanted to share what my thoughts were on the Ac On Tour contour kit by Australis. You can pick this up at your local priceline for $16.95. Who can say no to a price like that. Not me!


What can I say, First impressions are great, The packaging is so cute and fits in your hand perfectly. Its so similar to the Anastasia contour pallet. which was the contour pallet I originally wanted but was a wee bit out of my price range. So now with this I no longer need the Anastasia pallet. As you can see below they are very similar if not almost exactly the same.

(Right hand side is your Anastasia Pallet with the AC ON TOUR on the left.)

s1615186-main-zoom IMG_4221

I’m absolutely loving this pallet & I can definitely see myself using this every day. I’m beginner at all this, But with more practice I can find my self really nailing this look in a short amount of time. There quite high in pigmentation, with some great brushes they really blend in quite nicely. Also they are not chalky at all, And feels very light on my skin.


the 3rd color is the only one that’s not a matte color, as it has a slight shimmer for highlighting which works great for any skin tone. I don’t believe Australis have named each color tho like Anastasia.

The best thing about this pallet is the sticker they have included on the back for beginners like me. So even tho I have no idea what I’m doing this how to sticker was most helpful in learning how to use my new pallet.


I’m even feeling confident enough to offer a selfie or 2 of my makeup when I first started using my contour kit. What do you think? I’m most definitely in love with this product.


You can tell with the second picture my improvements with applying the contour kit in just one day. If i can achieve results this good, Then you most definitely can too.

I know I’m usually pretty high with my ratings, What can I say I have trialed some great products lately. Giving this kit 10/10 Now on the hunt to find there Oh Hai Brow Kit. Which is always out of stock in my priceline. 😦


Here is a link if you would like to buy this amazing product

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Thanks for reading guys xo

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