Big Brother – Where are they now

Hey guys,

I love my reality TV, I know when they show flashbacks of older episodes it’s always made me think, “I wonder what they’re doing now”. And im sure im not the only one. So with some digging I found a few fan favs of the previous Big Brother contestants, Asked if they would like to take part in my first interview. I couldn’t wait to hear what they have been up to since leaving the Big Brother House.

In this Interview I caught up with Jess Hardy, Regina Sorensen, Bree Aimer and Aleisha Collins.

This was so much fun to do.  And with a bit more digging I may even turn this into a series thing. Do as many interviews as I can. Comment below if there is someone specific you would like me to interview 😀




I’ll hit it  my off with Jess Hardy, Jess was a housemate in the year 2001. Everyone fell in love with her bubbly personality we all continued on to watch Jess and Marty get married, Recently  has tried her luck on Dating in the dark. Jess was definitely a housemate that wouldn’t be forgotten. Here’s what shes been up to.


Q – Firstly We would love to know are you watching Big Brother on Channel 9?
A – I like to watch each year, as I’m always interested to see what type of characters are thrown in together, to see if the different dynamics work or not?!

Q – Sonia or Gretel?
A – I always loved Gretel because she was attached to the year I was in, but I think Sonia has now grown comfortable in the role, so think it was a good choice to hand the torch over to, as Gretel was ready to pursue other things.

Q – Tell me a little about your life since leaving The Big Brother house?
A –  I got married, then divorced and have moved about a lot. I got into radio but decided I wanted to get out of that due to an illness I incurred whilst doing early mornings, and then went back to study a BA Writing / Law degree at uni which has helped me land jobs with the Government.

Q – What made you audition for Big Brother?
A –  I craved an adventurous life! I was single, I yearned for a career at the time and thought it would bring some exposure to help in getting jobs!

Q –  If given the Chance would you enter the house as a contestant again?
A – I’m unsure if I would do BB again, as it’s like when you go on holiday and have an unbelievable time, to try and recreate that experience would be hard. Besides, I loved having Marty in there. He was my Ally!

Q – Did being on Big Brother bring you any extra success with career after big brother?
A – I got heaps of offers but abandoned them because I chose marriage. Nova 100 was the best gig along with the show The Panel thanks to Kate Langbroek who starred on both. Bert Newton helped us with leads also. Reckon he was the one to land our very own TV show. We did a lot of appearances on shows and at various venues together which was fun!!!

Q – What do you think pulls ratings? Love or Comedy in the BB house?
A – There needs to be an element of comedy, but people enjoy a good love story. Marty and my love story however was fairly comical as we loved to laugh together. I think we were somewhat cheesy in our romance and others may have found that endearing..?! Which in turn got ratings I ‘spose.

Q – If you were Big Brother, what would you change?
A – I don’t like the money tasks this year where you have housemates playing off one another all in the name of Greed. I like watching people interact in a natural way, so the best (or worst) comes out without any prodding!

Q – Do you still have friendships with others you entered the house with?Which ones?
A – Only speak to 1 housemate from mine on facebook called Shannon. Then Reggie, Ash (also from Reg’s season), winner Aleisha, Vesna and Aphrodite from other seasons. Have seen others at gatherings, but don’t really keep in touch.

Q – Been many years since you were a housemate would you say it was it worth it?
A – I have so many fond memories from the experience and it was 12 odd yrs ago! So recommend others going into the house but ONLY if they like people having the right to their business, as people tend to want to know a lot about you, so you lose all sense of privacy. If auditioning I suggest people go in there with an open mind and no inhibitions, whilst ‘owning it!’ and showing complete confidence in who they are! 🙂


Up next we have Regina Sorensen. One of the most popular housemates ever. I think it was impossible for the Australian public to not fall in love with Regi. We have seen a bit of her around over the last few years.  We have seen her on 60 mins, Woman’s day and the Herald sun, Here is my chat with the much loved Regi.


Q – Have you been watching Big Brother on channel 9
A – In bits and pieces this year as it is on later than usual I can only stay awake for some shows and then I try and catch up the next day on the GO channel. If it was on at 7 or 7.30 it would be easier to watch it, Having two small children to look after makes it harder to stay awake of a night.

Q – Sonia or Gretel?
A – I have met Sonia a couple of times and she is a lovely lady, but I also love Gretel… So I guess also gretel is known as part of the BB family and I love her! Sonia does a great job  and it would be hard to fill Gretel shoes, kyle and Jackie O tried and that failed! Because Gretel was there for me I say Gretel x

Q – Since leaving the Big Brother house so much has happened……
A – I separated from my husband Adrian and moved to Sydney lived there for 6 months and found it way too fast for me after coming from a small country town!
I then went to Melbourne worked at Virgin as a flight attendant for around 8 months , I lived in Melbourne for 3 years and loved it
I then moved up here to the gold coast and met my second husband dale, we got married had 2 children Mia is now 7 and Lucas 5.
We split up 3 years ago and I am a single mum now.
I have an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa and it has deteriorated rapidly over the years and I have only 10 degrees of vision left!
My son Lucas also has a disease called Cystic Fibrosis it is a lung disease and he has to have physio therapy twice a day to bang the mucus out of his lungs and he takes lots of medication to stay alive!
In both my separations the husbands got everything I just walked away !!! I now rent a 2 bedroom place and would love to be able to work but its hard under the circumstances as lucas is in hospital quite a bit and I am his full time carer.

Q – What made you audition for BB?
A – I auditioned for Big Brother because I was running a fish and chip shop working 7 days a week 14 to 16 hours a day!!! I had been in the shop for 12 years and I was with Adrian my first husband, All I wanted was a holiday. All I thought was how good it would be to just get a weeks holiday! And never in my dreams I thought I would be there for 3 months!

Q – If given the chance would you enter the house again as a contestant?
A – Yes I would I had the time of my life and it is an amazing experience that is hard to explain

Q -Did BB bring me extra success or a career?
A – No it didn’t, And I put all the blame on the management for that!
Being in a contract with Harry M Miller for 2 and a half years they controlled all that you did and they did nothing positive for me!
If I had a choice of management I would of not chosen to be with them.
I am still to this day 11 years on having people come up to me everywhere I go talking to me and telling me how much they love me.

Q – What do I think pulls rating Love or Comedy in the BB house?
A – I think both does I think people do not like nasty bitchiness and if you have a good heart  and are honest you will go a long way.

Q – If you were Big Brother what would you change and why???
A – I would bring in more normal people your everyday worker , battler not all these good looking toned or nasty ones!
Older people have more life experiences and a lot more to talk about
I would also deprive them just like my series was  we had no gym equipment we had no baths no luxury at all!
The general public would love to see the average everyday person just like me !
Of course you need some different ones but this year is too way young too nasty and too fake.
I would bring the show back to how it used to be so every little boy every little girl every granny and grandpa could watch it and not cringe and be sexed up!

Q – Do you still have friendships you made while in the house and which ones???
A – I stayed close to Benjamin we were close in the house he was very disliked out of the house and in, But we had a great connection
When I got out of the house a lot of the housemates changed dramatically!  I was really confused by who they were!
It went to their heads and thought their shit didn’t stink with the whole “look at me don’t you know who I am attitude”!
On facebook I stay in touch with Saxon, Belinda, jo, Claire, chrissie, Ben,l Leah,  intruder Jamie,  Patrick, Daniel. So there are half the housemates.

Q – Many years since you were a housemate, So was worth it??
A – Yes I had an awesome time in there and as I said before still to this day 11 years on people just want to talk to me, they feel they know me as their best friend and I made them happy!
I’ve touched a lot of peoples hearts around the country, from cancer patients,  to inmates in jail,  to the guys fighting the war in Iraq,  the navy divers with the dolphins who had to detect bombs on the ships in the war they told me they used to watch me on a satellite dish and I kept their spirits up whilst at the time.
I remember when I had to go back to dreamworld in the school holidays and sign autographs and meet the public etc… there was one little girl who flew with her parents from perth,  they were first in line to come and see me the little girl had a brain tumour she was 6 or 7 she had only weeks left to live and her wish was to come and meet me. These are memories I will take to my grave they are so beautiful , the little girl passed away not long after that trip. Just the fact that I touched people and helped them through trauma and didn’t even know it makes me feel humble
So yes it was worth it

Suggestions to people wanting to audition.
I always say just be yourself as you never ever know what Big Brother is looking for?
Don’t put on an act be yourself you just never know.

Comments From Regi to her fans.
If you love BB and want to give it a go do it!
It is the best experience ever and be ready for the time of your life  xoxoxoxoxo

Up Next is Bree Aimer. Bree was the victim of one of the biggest BB scandals at the time, Being wrongly evicted bree was placed back in the house to come 2nd in  2004 to then take out 2nd place. We all seen her go onto extra success after leaving the house, Starting with friday night games with Fitzy and so much more.


Q- We would love to know are you watching the new Big Brother on Channel 9?
A – Of course I am. Before being a house mate and working on the show I was always a fan of the format. I love watching how everyone handles such a foreign situation.. the human experiment of it sucks me in every time. Last year I had even more reason to tune is because I used to work in radio with Tim, the winner, years ago. He was as entertaining as ever!

Q- Sonia or Gretel?
A – Gretel without a doubt. She has an amazing ability to get information and honesty from the house mates during interviews, while mothering them and making them feel comfortable at the same time. As a house mate you sit there talking to her on live TV thinking to yourself “Why am I saying this out loud?”

Q- Tell me a little about your life since leaving The Big Brother house?
A – Wow, ten years ago in May this year I went in there. I can’t believe how quickly that time has flown bye. Life became a whirlwind for a long time after the show. I was privileged to experience many things that I wouldn’t have without BB. Jobs, friendships, a lasting career, pretty crazy parties, travelling our amazing country & laughs like never before.  Obviously I was involved in BB for 5 years, hosting Friday Night Live. That was an amazing time in my life and bought many laughs and lifelong friendships with the cast & crew. For about 7 years I dabbled in TV and presenting as well as doing regular radio shows. Then about 3 years ago I decided I wanted something more stable and jumped ship to the other side of the camera. I am now a producer and love every minute of it.

Q- What made you audition for Big Brother?
A – To be honest.. it was because I was bored. I was working in a job I didn’t love and had come to a real cross roads in my life. My flatmate made a tape (that’s how you auditioned back in the old days HA) and because I always loved the show and wondered how I would cope, I decided to send one in too. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a career or temporary fame out of the show, I simply wanted to meet people and see how I would cope like a hamster in a cage.

Q – Did being in the Big Brother house bring you any success with career?
A –  It brought me many things. It opened doors to many career options and most importantly I made many great friendships. That to me is success.

Q – If given the Chance would you enter the house as a contestant again?

A – I have no regrets, I have never laughed or cried so much in my life. I had a ball & I have nothing bad to say about the experience. Many people come out of that show jaded because they feel they were misrepresented or something. I think this is simply people not being aware of who they really are, so they get a shock. If you are willing to except your flaws, then you will love it. I think now 10 years later, I am in a very different place in my life so I am not sure I would want to be back in there now. Rewind a few years and absolutely. Never say Never.

Q – What is your biggest accomplishment since leaving the house?
A – The last 10 years have been an accomplishment. Life, love, career… everything is good.

Q – What do you think pulls ratings? Love or Comedy in the BB house?
A –  Balance of both! With a little bit of evil thrown in on the side

Q – Do you still have friendships with others you entered the house with? Which ones?
A – I am still very close to Krystal, Cat, Paul & Ashleigh! I of course catch up with Fitzy on occasion and Mikey Goldman all the time.

Q – Was it worth it? and Why?
A – I would recommend the experience of being in the house to anyone.. As long as you are comfortable with who you are, you will love it. It is like being a child again. You have no responsibilities and are controlled 24 hours. Never having to go to the shop, open your wallet, pay a bill, run out of milk, wake up for work… it is like nothing anyone gets to experience as an adult. Big brother is like the principal and the house mates are like fellow students you are forced to be around all day. I laughed for 3 and a half months until my stomach hurt. I was fortunate to have an amazing bunch of house mates and other than a couple of odd balls, I loved them all and living with them was a pleasure!

I was however in no way prepared for the level of interest, the good and bad that come with having done the show when you re-enter the real world. Whether you are the most loved or most hated person in the house you will receive positive and negative from the viewers. As long as you are somewhat prepared for this, then DO IT!

Any suggestions to people who are thinking about Auditioning?

Have fun at the auditions, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy it and you will stand out!

Who could forget 2007 winner Aleisha Collins(Cowcher). Winning by the smallest margin in BB history with just 65 votes. And who could forget there Eco style BB house. Dont think ill ever forget there pedal powered washing machine haha.


Q – We would love to know are you watching the new Big Brother on Channel 9?
A – Yes I watch every year.

Q- Sonia or Gretel?
A – Hmm I think they are both good host’s but I would have to favor gretel I think she ask’s more questions that the views would want answers to and challenges the housemates more on there answer!

Q- Tell me a little about your life since leaving The Big Brother house?
A – Once I left the house I traveled around for a year doing the big brother tour, I moved around a little, but based myself in Melbourne. I opened a hairdressing salon and ran that for 6 years, I got married and have started a family I have a one year old and one on the way.

Q – What made you audition for Big Brother?
A – I always loved the show and wanted to experience it.

Q – If given the Chance would you enter the house as a contestant again?
A – This is a tough one, I would but I’m not sure how I’d go now leaving my kids. I now look back and think how hard it would of been for the housemates that had kids.

Q – Did being on Big Brother bring you any extra success with career after big brother?
A – Of course winning the prize money brought many opportunities alone. But yes also some molding public speaking, some tv appearances.

Q – What do you think pulls ratings? Love or Comedy in the BB house?
A – Both! But drama and conflict more then anything else.

Q- If you were Big Brother, what would you change and why?
A – Is bring back vote to evict. Helps evict all the housemates flying under the radar get evicted and not just skip through.

Q – Do you still have friendships with others you entered the house with? Which ones?
A – Yes I do I’m really good friends with Zach Andrew and Emma

Q – This many years since you were a house mate would you say it was it worth it?
A – Yes

Any suggestions to people who are thinking about Auditioning?
Do it you won’t regret it.

Comments for Aleisha’s fans.
Thanks for all the lovely people that have said such positive things to me and continue to do so, it’s not easy putting your life out into the world to be judged but makes it all worth it when you get to meet such positive beautiful people.

Well there you have it, Don’t forget to comment or tweet me if you would like me to track down a particular housemate.

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