Bella Box Review



Hey guys,

So I’m currently waiting for my 3rd box for Bella Box, and what can I say I’m Impressed.

Even more excited that this is there birthday month!

In 2 months there was only really 2 things I was disappointed in. and unfortunately one of them cant be helped.

1st thing – I received something i was allergic too. I honestly think this needs to be addressed, As I used it not knowing what I was allergic too was in the product (the information on the bottle wasn’t in English) and I didn’t notice Till it was to late.  And When emailing Bella box about my concerns, There wasn’t much that could be done about it. But Being its only bellabox’s 3rd birthday this month I’m sure this is something they can definitely look into in the future as there numbers increase.

2nd thing would be, My September box didn’t come in a box at all. This cant be that hard to fix they get so many sales per month and if you run out, there are options of other ones you may have lying around, like the baby box even the limited addition boxes you are selling atm, to give no box at all just feels a wee bit lazy, 2 months in and it really bothers me that I didn’t get my box but i know I’m not alone in this thought. I was blessed with crappy storage in my bathroom so I love the boxes for that reason alone, So fingers crossed for no more wardrobe malfunctions.

I have also made a purchase from the Bella box shop. Which was Main ‘n Tale shampoo and conditioner. Something I wasn’t lucky enough to receive in a box as it was sold out,(I also missed out on The Balm products which I’m dying to try). But I was provided samples of  Main ‘n Tale for my blog(supplyed by Mane Agenda) just after few washes i was sold. Had to have it. The postage time was brilliant and arrived within 3 days. I have also noticed with both my boxes they come quite early, I’m under the impression they start shipment in the 3rd week of every month, And I have always gotten it before the months end. But I’m in the same state at BellaBox so those in WA or  QLD  don’t get it as quick I have noticed from facebook groups.

If you would like to read my review on Main ‘N Tale here is the link –

So if your thinking about signing up to Bella Box, I say go for it

here is some quick screenshots of the boxes i have recieved


And what can I say about the boxes, I’m impressed so far with the contents i have received, definitely not disappointing, I’m part on a few groups on Facebook and it seems there is a lot of people out there that are unhappy for many reasons.

One popular reason is –  They didn’t get enough full size products in there box.. Well to me full size product is a bonus in the box, What I signed up to was to receive sample size things to test and if we like the products we can then buy them.  I understand there are other boxes that do give you full size things, But from what i have noticed they are also a lot more expensive and they also tap on the postage as well as monthly cost.

Well I’m a stay at home mum of three children so subscribing to all beauty boxes available isn’t an option for me, Bella Box is perfect, flat 15$ that i barley notice is gone. and before I know it I’m getting more presents in the mail. #winning

Just recently I was asking where I could purchase the hair gliders as it wasn’t yet in the bellabox shop, They were more than helpful and I couldn’t be more grateful for there help 😉

So I guess my review is definitely up there in the ratings. giving it a 8/10


So thank you to BellaBox, I look forward to paying for my 12 month subscription very soon!

if your interested in signing up to BellaBox check out there website here



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