Australia Shocked with end result for The Block 2014.

The Block 2014

The Block 2014

Massive congrats to Shannon and Simon on the win. No one can deny you guys have done a great job. so well done with your efforts, and constant laugh’s you provided us for this seasons The Block. Look forward to seeing you for all stars.


Shannon And Simon Winners of The Block 2014

Channel 9 got there biggest rating ever with a whopping 2,764,466 viewers tuning in to watch the winner of the block 2014 be announced. So weather or not dreams were shattered and bank accounts were broken channel 9 sure did reap the rewards, not to mention they would have made some serious cash off The Block 2014 ratings. Wish i could say the same for all contestant’s.

Auction result

I have always been a big fan of the block but year has really shocked me. I honestly feel like The Block producers set every team up for a fail. not intentionally, With last years auctions hitting never seen before offers on apartments, the next step was to push it as far as they can, as big as they can, making as much profit as they can.

I’m guessing as it was an old channel 9 building therefor already owned by them so making Channel 9 the biggest profit of all.

Dee, Daz, Michael & Carlene sure got the rough end of the stick. winning only 10,000 profit on there apartments, They left there lives for 6 months leaving there children, There children were admitted to hospital and birthdays were missed, everything they have gone though over the last 6 months with unseen family drama’s or countless nights with no sleep, redic time frames with minimal budgets and the biggest apartments the block has ever seen. And 10,000 was all they got?

Michael & Carlene

Michael & Carlene

I understand the money they get to renovate there apartment comes form somewhere.. Majority of it comes form places like miter 10 and Beaumont tiles. And it is all donated, as is the weekly challenge prize money they can win each week again donated. So beside channel 9 hosting the TV show, giving the contestants 100,000 to renovate or build million dollar apartments, What are they giving there contestants for leaving there lives for 6 months with the possibility of nothing to gain at the end.  There should be a retainer for contestant’s by channel 9. Not to mention there are so many ways to sell homes that can be beneficial to all contestants.

Channel 9 made millions form this season’s Glass House, I think leaving it to auction it just unfair.  How long the show has been on air, The size of houses just get bigger and bigger, The amount the homes are getting sold for i think the “Auction” side of things needs to be reassessed.

Last year there was a winner but everyone done well with profit, Just because it happened one year doesn’t mean it will happen again, and watch the ratings drop next season due to this. My partner came up with a fantastic idea of selling these apartments that would be fair to all, And i just might email Scotty or channel 9 because the way its done now its just rubbish and unfair.

from last year where it looked like “whoever went last” was the winner, So there was a big fight over who went were in the auction order. And i said “wow Chris and Jenna are going to get shafted again” As it turned out this was a blessing. Chis and Jenna who went first, Then Simon and Shannon next. And they were the only teams to get enough profit to make there journey worth while.

Article Lead - wide61257627zxmd21410738338805.jpg-620x349

Chris & Jenna

Never was a huge fan of the double dee’s but no one deserves to walk away with nothing. And 10,000 they may as well have walked away with nothing rather than 10,000 because I’m sure. It cost more than that to up and leave your life for the amount of time they had to do filming for.. I’m honestly gutted for everyone.


Daz & Dee

For me the Bargain of the century is Karsten and Max’s Apartment, Being the biggest out of all. I wish i had a happy 2 mill sitting in my bank and I would have been there auction day. Karsten and Max were 3rd in line to have there auction. With Max making the call to put Chris and Jenna up in first to have there auction, Seems it backfired massively. Karsten and Max made only made $40,000. so what went from extreme high with the boys and Chris and jenna making over $300,000, To an extreme low not just for max and Karsten but for The rest contestants. But the bright side $40,000 is better than nothing I suppose. And who wouldn’t want the memorable wedding they got.


Karsten & Max

And the highlight of the final episode of the block for me was seeing Karsten’s face as max walked out in her wedding dress, Not the end result with the auctions. You guys were awesome to watch. no matter the outcome you done a great job. now the weddings over i can put away the tissues.


Again credit to Shannon and Simon you guys build a great apartment. I would Happily have you build and style my home.   For those who didn’t tune in for the show here’s a few pics below of the winning apartment.

kameruka_0012_main.jpgh4_r6_kitchen_3h4_r3_bedroomstudy_6 - Copyh4_r4_walkin_12 - Copy

All the teams built fantastic apartments. it really was a shame, To me it felt like no one was a winner.The profit margin should have been much bigger, poor Shannon and Simon it cant have felt good watching there fellow contestants not gain as much as they had gained or not even come close. I think all the contestants would agree with me there. No one signs up for the block just for “the journey” or “the experience” everyone would like to gain as much as they can during that time. weather that be winning, or just guest appearance’s or even a foot in the door to starting a new business.

Love the show but I’m absolutely gutted for everyone that was involved this year.

Giving this years The Block Glass House a 7/10


you can follow all teams on twitter or there facebook page’s for anything upcoming they may have planned.

Karsten and Max will be doing a door to door walk for the Starlight foundation, if you want anymore info you will find here Or if you would likme to donate please do so here.




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