My Make up bag. Whats in yours??

So those who don’t know me, I have pretty much been a tom boy my entire life, but not to the extent were i wore a hat and could have been labeled a lesbian, I still cared about what i looked like before i left the house, I liked to look neat and pretty for myself.

But most of my friends are males, So when it came to make up i stuck to what i knew as it worked which was pretty much the natural look.. But as I’m getting older i really wish i had dabbled a little more, I worked for Avon selling there products for roughly 12 months, So I learned a lot quickly, but too much to get me to question my make up talent…

Going through my Make up bag, I think I’m pretty on par with almost everything. I also have a hairdressing background so the only training I have had was a 1 day course on how to do our own make up when i was an apprentice hair dresser, Pretty much have stuck to that as it was for my eye shape and skin tone matched, but i was 16, Tanning wasn’t a thing, eye lashes were not a thing, pretty sure primer didn’t exists. so what else was I missing?

So i spoke to a my besty and confidant and i sent her photos off all of my stuff and told her to tell me what to chuck and what to up date.

The only thing i had no idea about was primer.. Now I was even saying the word wrong haha and my loving partner corrected me and said “its used in the painting world like an undercoat” so i was corrected by a man which felt pretty awful haha but hey, That’s the point of this blog, to venture out and try things i normally wouldn’t try and learn while also teaching others that may have been left behind like me 😀

Whats in my bag.

Foundation –  Apparently no one uses Stick foundation anymore. which has been my go to foundation since i was 16. its going to be very hard for me to find something i like just as good and make the switch, never been a fan of liquid. please tell me if I’m not the only one. But over time even when taking a selfie or a group pic, my make up has never photographed like some, and i always wondered why.. Was i not putting enough foundation on? not enough powder?  so many questions.


Powders – I have loads of different powders that I have accumulated. which I was told to keep them all. I think my use of powder is right on the mark. some darker than the others depending on what I’m doing my make up for, weather it be every day or a formal event. Something i have noticed with powders is it doesn’t matter how much you spend they all pretty much do the same thing. But its a new world for me with this mineral powder, Really liking how light it feels on your skin. I have always used blush something i found has come in and out of the beauty world. Sticking to my light pinks or a tan color.


Brushes – I have always used a brush, The big dirty one in the middle as you can probable tell is my go to brush, I haven’t used one for a liquid foundation tho, Just a powder. I got a very quick lesson when talking about foundations that I should be using a certain brush for liquid one that’s quite tight and bristles wont loosen with the use of a liquid foundation.


Mascara – I’ll admit i got left behind in mascara because of fake eye lashes, I worked with some people that missed used the one that last 3 months, They were so thick and long it looked so fake, I’m a big fan of using something to suit a natural look so what they were rolling around with really made me not ever want to get or look into using fake eye lashes,

I tried them once when i had a girls night out and when i look at the pics, i just think… “man my face looks weird”. So not sure what went wrong coz I have seen them done really well and can look so natural, were they the wrong shape? to thick? I’m not quite sure.. My eye lashes are pretty long already so i just curl and used the below mascara’s. but I’m told to look into the thickening ones with the white then the black over it to make them more full.


Lipstick – Cant say i have ever been a fan, tend to wipe it off when ever i wear it makes my lips feel yuk so i stick to a gloss or a balm, but i did get me this container full of testers when i was an Avon rep for the odd occasion i might want to wear it, has come in handy a few times when my daughter had wanted to do “make overs”


Eye Shadow  – I always used this, always wanted to be more bold, but never had the guts. ill be trying a smokey eye effect later today so i can test something i have in an upcoming beauty blog review. what girl dosn’t like to sparkle.. i sure do 😀


Tanning – Would love to do this, But again when i was growing up people were made fun off as the some products are not like they are today, It was just orange nothing natural about it, So i got myself the Model Co Show bag from the Melbourne Show which had great tanning info sheets and products. The airbrush is perfect for me, the colors are so natural. that i got from Priceline. I think i need to try out a spray tan as apposed to using a self tanning can.


Eyeliners – Never used a liquid at fault of my own. Tried it and failed and never tried it again, But I’m getting quite good at the pencil, and about to give a crayon a go. Brows are also something i have never dabbled in, getting them shaped at the waxer was good enough back in my day, so this is something i could use a lesson on. but something i have picked up is there is very few out there that match and use the right color for them, which can make it look quite horrible. But my questions is, where i use to use eye liner on the bottom i now only do it on the top. which was is most common these days?


Well That’s what I have in my Beauty bag. Now I’m interested in what everyone else has, am i really that different to others?

Any suggestions to some great replacements would be amazeballs guys.

Thanks for reading 😀


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