My Thoughts on COD Ghost. PC.


Hey guys, most of you that know me, know i’m a bit of a gaming nerd. COD Ghost was released on the 5th of November and it like MW3 is consuming my life. So i have many thoughts and opinions on ghost so here they are. some good some bad i hope you like it.

Where do i start. The teething problems are always the biggest problems the first few days. Majority of the community were complaining about lag but half of them hadn’t downloaded the necessary patch that came out about a week before the game was released, optimizing the games graphic settings to your PC. There is also a patch coming out this weekend via steam download to fix lag issues apparently, i myself don’t have the issues so i hope it doesn’t make it worse for me. But my PC is about 6 months old i think ill benefit with this fact. or it is infact there connection causing the lag not the game.

I Think the maps i think are fairly poor considering the kind of maps that were released for Black Ops 2 and event the MW3 DLC’s i think the maps were a lot better. Maybe a bit more thought went into redesigning the rest of the game, so they lacked in Map Design.

Haven’t they introduced the dynamic maps? Yes they have, the longer a game goes on for the more the map shifts and changes, but i’m not sure weather they have succeeded the right way when trying to achieve this. one map particular Strike Zone, I think they got this one right, Even more so if someone manages to pick up a Chem Weapon (ghost version of MOAB) it changes the entire map. were some other maps like Prison Break, it was more of a gas type weapon that didn’t change the map so to speak but made it very dark and dreary, Very hard to see when navigating around the map. Still cool tho don’t get me wrong.


In the very dramatic Ghost reveal, they talked about getting rid of such things like Clay more’s and bouncing Betty’s. Saying they have listened to the community and removed some things people were complaining about, This also including death streaks so no more last man stand. (and the crowd goes wild) I think this is great. but to say they have removed Betty’s and clay more’s it a bit of rubbish, Because in reality they have replaced them with a newer version of annoying shit like IED’s. That personally make me RAGE.

I like gaming for a bit of fun in my quite time when my kids are napping or at school, and when i have kids running around that are more worried about there kill count, so doing things like corner camping, using radars, crappy tactics, this is never going to change. And to be honest its not just the kids that do it. I know of 40+ men that do it and there words are exactly “cant get a kill with my gun so i’m gunna use IED’s” to me its the worst attitude ever and rather than learning skill to get the kills, they do crappy tactics to get there kill count up, in its self never improving as a player and staying the player that always gets smashed. It is what spoils the fun for the rest. But this is the gaming world and i don’t see it changing anytime soon. but when i play BF3 or BF4 this is a very RARE thing that occurs so if they can get it right why cant COD.

Don’t even get me started with Trolls Boosters and Hacks. There was a roomer going around that there were hacks sold for Ghost about 24 hours before the game was even release, This pisses me off as it makes you ask the question who is making and selling the hacks. they destroy there own game within a year because almost everyone that plays this game and cares about there kill count get pissed at hackers and end up doing the same thing just so they can win. its a joke. and there has to be something done about it.  even console has been hacked already according to my bitch google. my clan usually play by our selves for this reason, being enough of us we can generally fill whole lobby and just have some good hard run and gun fun.

Trolls, when will this ever die, i’m honestly so sick of tired of the lines like “you mad bro” oh when will it get old.. i honestly cant wait for this day. i think they should disable that chat completely so people that play this game only to piss people off can go get there troll on else where. its just so boring and unfortunately with probably 80% of the community being guys this will never change immaturity sticks with most.


Weapons so far are pretty good, and when the first DLC lands they are bringing out more weapons so will be interesting to see what they bring out and what it can add to the game. I myself have a few faves, My Faves would definitely be the FAD with the M-TARx or the AK-12 also running with your trusty Semtex and Flash. The rocket launchers i think are very poor. compared to  previous games where they were massively over powered. so i’m not sure whats worse. i myself like a launcher to take out UAV or choppa’s never found my self running around using them as my main weapon.

The biggest mistake they have done is at this point there is no dedicated servers. My Clan and i played a league for MW3 best thing about that was having a rented server to play scheduled games, no one would have lag issues and games would be played without a hitch, Black ops 2 made this mistake and as i say at this point in time, there is still hope they get implemented later on.

Not having dedicated servers ruins high competitive gaming. Private Clans and Tournaments. As a clan leader, running a tournament in a private match is a lot harder than a dedicated server. not to mention then you have to go off a local host and some players might be sitting in Tasmania as appose to others in the gold cost it creates unwanted lag that shouldn’t happen in high competition, giving an unfair advantage to others.


What do we all think of our trusty little friend Rylie? The Campaign was fantastic, being able to sync up as Rylie and taking the enemy out was great, Multi-player not so much. i think its OP to the max. I’m running round with a FAD and it takes at least 5 direct hits to kill this dog, and if i’m closed enough he will get me before i get him with one bite. i think its BALLS. and has very quickly became a very annoying part of Multiplayer. i do like the new SAT COM the more you have the better the sweep of the map. Both Assault and Support packages could use some work. Maniac juggernaut is definitely fun.

Squads is a cool concept. you can play a 1v1 match against public or friends, But being a squad of 6 people, and you can rank each of the solders up making it easier to get the win when you play again someone else in squads. so if your squad is challenged when your offline your squad can still win gaining you XP. One thing i have liked about squads is this wont work if your a corner camper. your squad acts like you do, so if your going to sit in a corner with a sniper rifle so will the rest of majority of your squad making it easy for them to find, sneak up on and kill.

Clan wars is yet to be unlocked, but setting up the clan has been fun, unlocking backgrounds and customization for your soldier, ranking up your clan by having at least 2 clan members in game at the same time.


Then there is extinction. This game mode is so much fun, if you were a fan of COD Zombies, you will love this. apparently its made by the same people that made Alcatraz and the BO2 Campaign. and i do love there work. i was slightly obsessed with COD zombies and i do favor it over extinction but as i said its still a lot of fun. this game is best played with mates who are not greedy as there is a lot of sharing needed, things called search. you will find things like money or a perk or a sight for a gun. so if you have a greedy person like i did my first go i didn’t even know you could search things till the second time round. i love that you can level up in private with this. if i had to play public with randoms i think i would stab my self in the eye with frustration, i play with my clan we all compliment each other and know how we all play its probably why we do so well in the co op game mode.

So if you haven’t already got on it, get on it now! i’m Obsessed.

There is a few smaller things that i haven’t yet mentioned, like squad points. they now carry over when your prestige, so you wont loose your unlocks or squad point. This is Fantastic.  Also if you managed to get max prestige for MW3 or BO2 you will unlock extra patches and customization for your soldier. Also the perks i love how they have done the perks now giving you as many options as you wish using points so you can have 6 1 point perks  or 3 2 point perks and so on.

So all in all i’m a fan, i prob give the game an 8/10 with room to improve i hope. they said at the reveal they are listening to the community so fingers crossed they keep doing that as some of the changes they have made are fantastic. but maps are very important and if the maps are shit then the changes are null and void.

you can follow my post’s on Ghost or other random stuff on my Twitter @Snoooozy OR my Instagram Snoozygram

also want to give a shout out to @wickedshrapnel being able to answer any questions i have had  with things i havn’t done yet like prestige. and of course his online streams are always worth the watch,


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