Tim Dormer’s Auction for NSW bush fire’s


if you read my last post, you would have seen me mention that Tim was putting his ever so loved, one of a kind jacket up for auction, donating the proceeds to the red cross to helping those effected by the fires in the blue mountains. #bluemountainslove

If your interested in donating and getting the chance to win this jacket visit this link http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Big-Brother-2013-WINNER-Tims-Eviction-Jacket-/221314685846?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item3387621b96&_uhb=1


you can also follow Tim on his Twitter @Timdormer or his Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Dormer/645650502122245


Now for those who were not a fan of Tim in the house, i would have to say you were using your judgmental eyes with him as did Ed, but now hes out of the house i hope you all get to see a part of Tim that i seen while he was in the house. A very kind sole, who loves animals, to me is very genuine and does things from the heart. This Auction couldn’t be a better example for the kind of person he is.

The main thing i love about Tim is he doesn’t avoid conflict and he hits it head on. while some people in the house found themselves to be snickering behind peoples backs as apposed to Tim’s approach, to have things resolved straight up then and there so they can move on. after all they are in the big brother house, who wants to see bitchiness and hate when we see that in every day life everywhere we go. i would rather see them get past differences so they can have fun, which really makes better TV than watching haters hate.

I honestly think this is the problem with humanity. there are to many clicks and not enough individuals. and clicks created conflict and bitchiness. the individuals take everyone for who they are, not judge them for there choices that may be different to yours. if we all done a little less judging of the covers of the book then maybe human decency, common courtesy and things like this would show its face again.

I think the world could use a hell of a lot more individuality. and good on Tim for showing us how its done.

Again a big congrats to winning BB you were amazing to watch and i cant wait to see how high the bidding gets on this jacket. its currently around 65,000.

that is awesome. well done Tim.



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