My 2013 Big Brother Review.




Big Brother 2013.

Let me start by saying there were 2 clear winners of this seasons Big Brother. and we all know who they both are.

Congratulations to Tim Dormer on your dreams coming true.

You were fantastic to watch everyday, you brought so many different emotions to the house. you were 100% true to your self

throughout the whole game and you must be proud.


Tim is one in a million, even when he has left the house his heart digs deep for the bush fires in NSW and is auctioning his beloved jacket and donating the funds. if you would like to keep updated on this auction you can do so on twitter with this hash tag #bluemountainslove or you can follow his twitter @timdormer I love that Tim is doing this he’s using his new found fame to help others.

Now back to it.

personally there were a few people in the house that went fairly early than they should have which in my eyes created channel 9 to have to swing things to create good TV. The way Big Brother played with Jade and Ed, it was one thing for Ed to not stay true to himself when it came to his relationship with jade, but when he did try do something from the heart like there date in garden of Eden and when he wanted to sleep in gold room to get some alone time with jade, both times were messed with by surly the beloved house pet from Big Brother 2012.

Now while that can offer entertainment to some but others not so much, I’m a person who was not a fan of jade, but did find this to be rather odd. and this was when I started to dig much deeper into big brother and finding blogs and tweets written about the show of suspicions I and many others were also having, one thing ill point out is I didn’t see surly playing with Tully and Drew’s relationship? and whys that? at respect of Tully’s Girlfriend which Tuly was unaware of her breakup situation as she was still in the house. so surly cares for Tully’s feelings but not jades? I don’t think so. BB seen an opportunity and he took it at jades Expense. I also believe this is why jade made top 3, her followers doubled after this happened enabling her a top 3 position.

So was this a play of the producer’s, writers or Big Brother himself.

So what else happened that was a string being pulled. Ben’s Eviction? Tullys Non Eviction week after week the list goes on.

The clearest thing I found when digging was channel 9 were not pulling the ratings channel 10 use to get when showing BB. But things have changed and there was a reason BB was taken off the air. once the money stops coming in they kill it and move onto other reality shows like Master Chef. I’m glad channel 9 picked up big brother, but they cant expect to get the same ratings channel 10 once did.

so if you done some digging and found half the house mates to have already had there 15 mins of fame, this was a tactic of channel 9 in hope that they had put more interesting people in the house making better TV, but the question is did it work?

so off the top of my head we had jade, who was in Italy’s top model but quit after just three weeks, then Tahan who is a grid girl/Model dating David Reynolds, Tully after giving sugar sisters lessons on how to Walk the Catwalk clearly had some modelling experience, Ed who played for North Melbourn Football club and twin brother that plays for Western Bulldogs, Heidi who was in radio and received a promotion after leaving the BB house, many of the house mates with Star now profiles. Even Tim had a short 2 year stint on a music program interviewing music stars.


Then you have the other house mates, the teacher,the soldier, the fireman, the policeman, the nurse.  who was evicted from the  house first? and do our votes really count. At the bottom of the big brother voting page it states that they do not have to show actual results to anyone but channel 9 or along those words, so how do we really know they are showing us the correct votes. wouldn’t it be nice to see the proof of haw many votes went in and exactly where they went.

I for one still think there was no way Ben should have been evicted when he was. his following was huge and I just don’t see that happening. Even when he was on stage for the Finale he was brought to tears with how many people were cheering for him. You were much loved in my house Benny and I hope that you find yourself on a talk show with Burt. it just goes to show how much you need to vote to ensure your fav stays in the house.


don’t get me wrong tho, if you didn’t see or find any of this behind the scenes stuff this years BB was definitely full of entertainment. i just felt something was off, and due to being on twitter dirt was easy to find. BB themselves were all over twitter keeping people interested in the show or keeping there website stacked with hits.

One thing that I love about twitter is I have now seen all 3 face’s of the men who are behind the BB voice. many years people have wondered what he looks like and now I know. It’s not as hidden like it once was.

I have always wanted to audition for BB and nothing that has happened this year makes me not want to audition, even if some of the evictions were rigged for higher ratings I would still audition. I wouldn’t be there to win, I would bloody try tho who wouldn’t want to win that kind of money. not to mention the saved memories once your out.

so all in all I’m not sure id say 10/10

but it was definitely up there. altho I really do miss Grettle. Sonia just doesn’t do it for me.. clearly scripted and it shows, more worried about showing some skin as she walks down her catwalk as opposed to asking decent question when they come out.. and the dancing at the start of the series. this is not Dancing with the stars or the Sonia show its BB and i honestly think she needs to stop. Grettle had a degree in Psychology and the question she asked always had a reason. Sonia thinks she can ask about Tully and Drew’s catch up clearly asking if they got lucky but without saying the words. forgetting how many children watch this show. she’s just wrong for the job as were kyle and Jackie O.

so BB 2014. yep cant wait. hopefully you may even see me in there who knows.

and if you managed to miss the dirt refers to in this post hit up my girl her blog is an amazing read when it comes to dirt on BB and I cant wait to see what she writes about for BB2014

well there’s my thoughts on this years BB.

Congrats to everyone who went in the house including Justyyn, you all done a fantastic job. and I cant wait to see what you all do next now your back in reality.



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