Me Myself and I

i’m Just Me

Hey Guys and Gals

I have done this blog thing once before, and i loved it.. then life got in the way.

But i’m back and i’m ready to share all my wonderful opinions and story’s with you.

So i hope you like it, or hate it i don’t mind as long as your reading =D

Since the last time i wrote a blog, I wrote about highs and lows of my life at the time. which definitely taught me a lot about myself, re reading my thoughts and what other’s had to say about them too.

I’m not really sure where to start or what kind of blog this may be, all i know is I love writing about my life and i want to share it with anyone willing to read. And other things like i’m a tad obsessed with Reality TV, Celebrity gossip and more.

If you like what i have to say please subscribe to my blog You can also follow me on twitter to keep reading for more. And hopefully with enough readers ill move onto a v-log 😀

Now i guess this will be a test to see if my life is as interesting as i once thought. and if people are wanting to read about my endeavors.

so a little about me

I’m 30 years old and i live with my partner and we have 3 beautiful children, By day i make cupcakes and by night i like to shoot internet trolls with my leet gaming skills. I have never been one to call my self a girly girl, But finding myself changing a lot since having kids wanting to try things i have never wanted to try. and becoming more girly which I’m loving. so im learning a lot about myself and the world.

In the last yeah i have managed to bring my team up a few ladders  in competitive gaming also coming 2nd in our first invitation league. things have died down a bot but looking forward to the new cod Ghost release on 5th of November

I don’t have any degrees or fancy schooling education, but i would say i have experienced enough to get me buy and be entertaining enough in highs and lows to keep you reading,

so that’s it for now i shall leave you with that and keep watching this space for more.

Love Me

Suz xo



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